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The 14th kidsfilmfest will tak stage Saturday June 2, 2018 


» Venue: Made in NY Media Center - 30 John Street, in Brooklyn, 11201

2018 edition film lineup

The Big Booom (4:00)

Directed by: Marat Narimanov (Russia)
The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humor, action and tragedy.

The Birthday Bully (9:00)

Directed By: Kennedy Jordan (USA)
When a young girl is bullied at school, she finds strength in the most unexpected places and learns that it only takes one.

Catastrophe (2:15)

Directed By: Jamille van Wijngaarden (Netherlands)
Synopsis: When a little bird suddenly drops dead in its cage, all eyes are on the cat.

Corky (5:38)

Directed By: Ty Primosch (USA)
Synopsis: A new kind of bedtime story:  a corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

The Dragon Forest (9:00)

Directed by: Richard Bjurstr?m (Sweden)
Synopsis: The fox, the elk and the dragon live peacefully in their forest. One day a challenger comes to disturb the peace.

The Fallen Swan (3:00)

Directed By: Win Leerasanthanah (Thailand)
A baby swan discovers its potential to escape out of a well, and must overcome its fear and doubt to succeed.

Lilly and the Baby (6:34)

Directed By: Xtine Cook and the Bum Family (Canada)
Synopsis: Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, babysits a human baby. The mom leaves a long list of what not to do. What could go wrong? Created by the Bum Family during a 48 hour animation challenge, this group of cousins use cut outs and children's logic to create an odd and hilarious story.

Litterbugs (15:00)

Directed By: Peter Stanley-Ward (United Kingdom)
Helped by her self-made flying mechanical creatures, a young inventor and a pint-sized superhero defeat the town bullies and find an unexpected friendship.

Movie Magic (1:30)

Directed By: Whitney King (USA)
Synopsis: A beautiful sunny afternoon on the playground suddenly takes a turn...or does it?

Not One Of Us (9:00)

Directed By: Bill Jarcho & Sean Burns (USA)
"Not One of Us" is an ominous warning about the perils of building walls. Created in an 80s-retro clay animation style, the film's sly humor and children's fable visuals belies the urgent call to action at the heart of this dark allegory.

Sisters (4:00)

Directed by: Fan Zhang (China)
Synopsis: "Sisters" is a story about two sisters separated because they have different life goals, based on the director's real-life experiences.

The Reflection In Me (3:44)

Directed By: Peter H Reynolds (USA)
Synopsis: A heartwarming family film sharing themes of love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.

Tough Guy (2:59)

Directed By: Gryffin Morgan (Canada)
Synopsis: A new kid shows his classmates that you don't have to be bigger or older to be tough. The production team behind this film is composed of elementary and middle school students. 

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