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An Australian News station did a nice piece on 11 year old James Baras-Miller, filmmaker of The Heist, which showed at the 2017 BFF kidsfilmfest. The Heist is based on real events that occurred in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. The film was made using his teddies and a mobile phone. 


The 13th kidsfilmfest took stage Saturday June 3, 2017 

» Venue: Made in NY Media Center - 30 John Street, in Brooklyn, 11201

2017 edition film lineup

Bug Zapper: Winter Bugs

Directed by: Tom Eaton  
2 min, USA
In this 360 video, our hero the Bug Zapper dodges frosty foes on the ski slopes.

4 to 5

Directed by: Craig Knowles  
5 min, USA
On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4 years old. 

The Gift

Directed by: Kajisa Kohei  
5 min, Japan
Sara, a sprightly little girl makes some dolls for her parents' anniversary. She's shocked to hear them fighting, but she comes up with an idea that will hopefully help them to make up by seeing her gift. The adventure of Sara begins! 


Directed by: Reza Golchin  
2 min, Iran
A beautiful film that shows how students attend classes in the Talesh city mountains. 

Lilly Hits the road

Directed by: Xtine Cook & the Bum Family  
5 min, Canada
Lilly, a 10 foot tall monster and her adorable friend, Fluffle, are abducted by aliens. An epic adventure ensues as they try desperately to return home in the nick of time. Created by the Bum family: Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 14, 12 and 10) and Berlin, Ocean and Sol Demuth (ages 14, 11 and 7).  

Communication and You

Directed by: Jamie Moore 
2 min, USA
A hilarious look at how technology could be affected without the invention of the telephone. In this series of vignettes, the fun unfolds. 


Directed by: Tom Albanese  
15 min, USA
Prince Charming recounts his disastrous search for true love in a reimagining of classic fairytales with a contemporary touch. 

Looney Foodz

Directed by: Paolo Gaudio  
2 min, Italy
What would happen if the food and drink in your refrigerator could come alive, move and speak? What would the dynamics be? This stop motion animated short film will tell you with humor and creativity! 


Directed by: Matt Sadowski  
7 min, Canada
Young love blossoms between two teenagers as they spend a lazy summer afternoon after school putting up posters for William's missing cat.  

Clock and Snail

Directed by: Fan Zhang  
3 min, USA
The story of a cuckoo bird who was cursed by a bad witch who tried to save a doomed snail.  

Lost In Spring

Directed by: Fred Wall  
12 min, UK
A shy seven year old girl embarks upon a journey to self belief.                     

Octavius 4 Hack Attack

Directed by: James Baras-Miller  
5 min, Australia
A car out of control, a teddy on a crime spree and only one cop can save Bearton. 

Little Shimajiro

Directed by: Isamu Hirabayashi  
9 min, Japan
In a small, quiet forest, a mischievous tiger boy named Shimajiro falls into a hole. The residents of the forest gather to help him, but young Shimajiro only ends up hurting them. Then, something happens--Shimajiro encounters great kindness, leading him to find kindness within himself.  

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