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The 10th kidsfilmfest was on May 31st, 2014

» Saturday, May 31 at indieScreen in Williamsburg at 1pm. Tickets: 12$ adult, children 12 and under are free.

2014 edition film lineup

A Sailor Went To Sea

Directed by: Sona Jho
2 min, USA
What can you see under the sea? Two sailors and a crusty captain try to find out ... and get schooled by the fish every time! This interpretation of the classic nursery rhyme will see you smile, laugh and learn that sometimes, a flat space for a campfire is all you need.

The Boy With The Upside Down Smile

Directed by: John Hansen
3 min, USA
An alien boy who doesn't fit in seeks acceptance.                                                        

Cry Baby

Directed by: Gabi Kislat
4 min, Canada
What dreams come when babies slumber? Cry Baby is a short film about a baby's nightmare. In that nightmare, a baby flies in a pink motorbike and gets chased by a monster. But, it's only a dream...

The Heebie Jeebies

Directed by: Todd Slawsby
9 min, USA
After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young boy and girl become convinced they have monsters under their beds. They may be right...

La Lune

Directed by: Kyung Hee Shon
7 min, USA
A couple discovers there is more to the unique world that they live in.


Directed by: Olivier Defaye and Christophe Defaye
3 min, France/Japan
La is a shy little blue boy. He is always singing alone on the line. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together with friends becomes melody.

Little Big Hero

Directed by: Nirali Somaia
6 min, Australia
Fettuccine is an irritable donkey who enjoys solitude. However, his life is turned upside down when toddler Scout enters the scene.

Love Bug

Directed by: Kat Candler
6 min, USA
Turtle Thompson has to work up the nerve to ask his best friend Maddy Cooper to the elementary school Spring Fling dance. Turtle thinks his bug-loving, best friend Maddy is the coolest, most awesomest girl in the whole wide world. But can he get the guts up to tell her?

The Magic Stamp

Directed by: Tomoko Oguchi
11 min, USA
THE MAGIC STAMP is created using Japanese handmade paper washi. The story portrays the relationship between a young boy and his grandfather. It is a film about desire, patience, and perseverance.

Now & Then

Directed by: Angela Besharah
4 min, Canada
Using two distinct temporal spaces, this film explores the emotional disconnect through our attachment to technology that is rampant in this present age. The use of children in both time periods carefully and subtly contrasts the haunting reality of how we have become more preoccupied with our gadgetry and distractions than the living souls next to us. NOW & THEN is a film of quiet restraint whose message is more important now than ever before.

No More Mister Mice Guy

Directed by: Ben and Josh McCarthy
4 min, Brooklyn/Australia
Mr Worthington loves Hob-nob biscuits, but so do the mice who live within his walls. These movie-loving, biscuit stealing mice have pushed him to his limit. He decides that it's 'No More Mister Mice Guy!' and he buys some mousetraps and sets the bait...


Directed by: Alison Teal Blehert-Koehn
6 min, USA
A true story about Alison who was raised around the world by her outdoor photographer/travel guide parents. Alison's Teal Blehert-Koehn's life was a chaotic whirlwind of adventure. However, it was not until they set out on an expedition to Mt. Everest base camp that seven year old Alison was able to experience what she had dreamed of her entire life.

Ruby Who?

Directed by: Hailey Bartholomew
6 min, USA
Ruby Who? is the sweet and innocent story of a little girl's adventure in re-discovering her identity. Ruby Who? is about wishing for things, wishing you were someone else. Ruby wishes for so many things and dreams of being like others. Will she end up forgetting how to just be herself?

When I Met Dottie

Directed by: Xstine Cook, Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Zaiyah Dennie
2 min, Canada
A young girl makes an unusual discovery in her uncle's playhouse, leading to a conversation about the nature of love. Made with cut-out animation to a conversation between sisters Twyla and Dot (ages 3 and 6). Made by the Bum Family, which is Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 9, 7 and 5) during Quickdraw Animation Society's 48 Hour Animation Lockdown.

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