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The 9th kidsfilmfest - Saturday June 1, 2013

at indieScreen in Williamsburg at 1pm. Tickets: 12$ adult, children 12 and under are free.

2013 edition film lineup


Directed by: Amy Coop
4 min, United Kingdom
When a boy finds a discarded console controller in a waste bin, he doesn't realise it has special powers. He soon discovers it has the ability to control other people...


Directed by: Chad Mathews
4 min, USA
Detention is a story about three mischievous boys, one overbearing teacher and a study hall mishap that forever cements the collective opinion that if the crime is a funny one, it's well worth serving that dreaded after school detention.


Directed by: Yi-An Chien
3 min, USA
A short animated story about a little star’s journey expresses the filmmaker’s view of life. Life is a journey. On the way, you meet all kinds of things. Some look good, and some look bad. However, they are all lessons from which we learn to become a better person and light up other’s lives.


Directed by: Eva Nordholt
6 min, USA
This is a film about a girl/cat who sets a out to deliver a letter and encounters some obstacles along the way. Will she finally deliver the letter?


Directed by: Barb Taylor
3 min, Canada
Peaceosaurus is a short animated film about a baby dinosaur that lives in a city ravine. The baby dinosaur decides to visit a playground and creates havoc! Two children step up and try to resolve the conflict.


Directed by: Danielle Heitmuller
3 min, USA
Young Mai meets a family of ducks on her way back from school one afternoon. She helps them navigate dangers of the urban environment to find a safe new home.


Directed by: Christopher Michael
4 min, United Kingdom
After a wonderful summer, Mr. Holloway has to store his harvest and get ready for winter. But will his plans take root, before he ends up in a pickle? The Silly Seasons is perfect for children, parents and grandparents to enjoy together!


Directed by: Eli Balser
12 min, USA
An animated short film illustrating life in the undergrowth through the eyes of a snail and a dragonfly. This unlikely duo literally collide in a storm, only to find themselves stuck in pool of mud. In the process of trying to free themselves, they discover that sometimes life has to be taken with patience and other times life has to be taken with haste.


Directed by: Rio Fitch
5 min, Canada
A little girl sets a trap for an unsuspecting visitor.                                               


Directed by: Archana Phadke
5 min, India
Rain brings back memories of childhood. It is perceived differently by different social classes. This film is the story of siblings in the slums of Mumbai and how the rains affect their relationship.


Directed by: Nirali Somaia
5 min, Australia
Whale Song follows the story of a young whale and a whaling ship captain. When the young whale's mother is hunted by the ship captain, the whale wants revenge. However, when the young daughter of the captain falls overboard, the whale chooses a different path.


Directed by: Xstine Cook, Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Zaiyah Dennie
2 min, Canada
A young girl makes an unusual discovery in her uncle's playhouse, leading to a conversation about the nature of love. Made with cut-out animation to a conversation between sisters Twyla and Dot (ages 3 and 6). Made by the Bum Family, which is Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 9, 7 and 5) during Quickdraw Animation Society's 48 Hour Animation Lockdown.


This year, back by popular demand, one of our favorite film from the 2006 festival:


Directed by: Henry Selick
9 min, USA
One night, a boy and his flying squirrel are caught by a fish and taken to meet the Girl in the Moon.

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