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The 7th kidsfilmfest was June 4 & 5, 2011

» Saturday, June 4 at indieScreen in Williamsburg at 1pm. Tickets: 10$ adult, children 12 and under are free.

» Sunday, June 5 at the Long Island Children's Museum at 2pm. Tickets: Fee: $4 with museum admission ($3 LICM members), $8 kidsfilmfest only.

2011 edition film lineup

The 2009 Audience Award Winner, back by popular demand...
Puppy's Super Delicious Valentines Day Biscuits

Directed by: Annie Poon
United States, 2009, 3 Minutes
Puppy decides to bake something sweet, hoping to win the heart of Miss Duck on Valentine's Day. Her unexpected reaction and ingenuity lead to a creative conclusion.

A Day of Life

Directed by: Annie Poon
United States, 2011, 2 Minutes
A short film about a lovely, yet simple, day in the life of a mother and child.       

Now & Then

Directed by: Angela Besharah
Canada, 2010, 4 minutes
Using two distinct temporal spaces, this film explores the emotional disconnect through our attachment to technology that is rampant in this present age. The use of children in both time periods carefully and subtly contrasts the haunting reality of how we have become more preoccupied with our gadgetry and distractions than the living souls next to us. NOW & THEN is a film of quiet restraint whose message is more important now than ever before.

Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks

Directed by: Shawnee Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs
USA, 2011, 11 minutes
In a young African girl's quest to learn the meaning of the proverb -- 'Great fires erupt from tiny sparks' -- she seeks guidance from a lively, 10 year-old proverb detective named Sule.

The Driving Accident

Directed by: Rio Fitch
Canada, 2010, 5 minutes
During an afternoon of play, a young boy must use his wits and creativity to recover from a minor tragedy.


Directed by: Allison Craig
USA, 2010, 8 minutes
Barko is a lonely, unloved, and abused dog who has established himself as the unwilling clown of a circus run by poodles. His seemingly random fear of hot dogs is rationalized by flashbacks conveying a former owner who occupies his time tormenting the poor pup with the processed snack. Yet, in the end, Barko suddenly finds himself in the arms of a caring boy who shows him that he can experience a little love after all.

Keenan at Sea

Directed by: Jeremy Galante & David Cowles
USA, 2011, 2 minutes
An animated short featuring the indie-folk duo 'The Girls' and their resourceful dog. After a few grim days at sea aboard the SS Keenan, the three finally welcome an ironic rescuer. The film was produced digitally, but preserves a hand-crafted shadow-box style.


Directed by: Rachel Berry
USA, 2010, 6 minutes
On a lonely cul-de-sac in the middle of Suburbia a hockey puck wishes only to be included within the group of various sports balls that live on the street...he finally gets his chance.

Stella and Sam

Directed by: Raymond Jafelice
Canada, 2010, 11 minutes
Camping out in the backyard is lots of fun, but if you've never spent the night beyond your cozy bedroom, it's a big step to take. Stella does her best to gently introduce Sam to the interesting things that inhabit their world after sunset.

One, Two Three, Love

Directed by: Alejandro Martinez-Beltran
USA, 2010, 2 minutes
A little girl's quest for balloons ends up in a surprising situation.


Directed by: Michael Moore
USA, 2010, 10 minutes
A group of worms wake up one morning to find themselves trapped in a young boy's bait bucket.

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